The hire will undertake to do minor repairs up to a maximum of Rs. 3,500.00 F. In case of an accident, damage up to Rs. 15,000.00, to be borne by the hire and above will be borne by the owner provided the necessary documents are supplied by the hire.
The vehicle shall be used only for the transportation by authorized https://italy-farmacia.com/ person of hire.
In the event of Damages (Police Report NOT Obtained) and/or Mechanical repair due to
negligence on the part of the Hirer. Thennakoon Holdings has the rights to forfeit the Refundable
Deposit taken. If the cost of the damage and/or repair is greater than the Refundable Deposit, the
balance will be recovered by the Hire. No rental refund will be given to the Hire in this instance.
100 Km per day/3000 Km monthly will be given to the hirer and in the event of exceeding of the
mileage, hire will have to pay……………….. per km.
The vehicle will be given valet and on an empty fuel tank (10 liters of fuel), the Hirer shall supply
fuel as required by the said vehicle and hand over the car in the same valet condition and the same
level of fuel. Thennakoon Holdings will not re-fund any excess fuel prevailing at the time of
returning the car.
Please sticky prohibited re rent or hiring. The vehicle cannot be used for the purposes of re-
hiring/renting, driver learning purposes, towing, motorsport and speed tests, demonstrations,
advertising or any other commercial activity, safari purposes and any other illegal purposes.
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